What Carlos Correa’s Fractured Finger Really Means

The Twins are looking at a lengthy absence for their star shortstop. Carlos Correa signed a huge deal in the offseason to land in Minnesota. Through the first 24 games of the season he is hitting .255 with 12 runs, 11 RBIs and 2 homeruns. Correa was also on a seven game hitting streak, but then he was forced to leave Thursday’s game early when he was hit on the hand by a pitch. It was actually the second time in that game he was hit, and it’s going to lead to a trip to the IL.

Correa underwent an x-ray at the park that revealed what appears to be a non-displaced fracture in his right middle finger. He will undergo a CT scan on Friday to learn more about the injury. A CT scan sends radiation through the body and is able to provide a much more detailed look at the bone. It’s good news that Correa’s fracture is believed to be non-displaced as this is less severe and can typically heal well on its own, but it’s still a break.

If this is a small non-displaced fracture Correa’s Optimal Recovery Time will be seven weeks. If the CT scan shows a more serious injury, then his ORT will be even longer. It’s possible Correa would return before seven weeks, but at a minimum he would likely be sidelined a month. It will take longer for the fracture to heal, though. Correa will need to wear a cast or splint at first to immobilize the finger to allow it to heal. The toughest part about a return will be hitting as gripping the bat relies on the middle finger. Throwing will also take some time, but that will happen before he is cleared to swing the bat again.


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