Von Miller Appears to Suffer Torn Right ACL on Thanksgiving

The Bills injury problems continue to get worse and worse. Late in the first half as Von Miller was rushing the QB his right leg appeared to cave in. The mechanism of injury has me worried that he has suffered a torn ACL. Miller’s knee collapsed inward and the tibia appeared to shift forward and then back into place, which can be an indicator that the ligament has ruptured.

Miller was helped off of the field and evaluated in the medical tent, then he was carted to the locker room. The Bills quickly ruled him out.

The other option here is an MCL sprain, but based on the angles I have seen this is truly a best case and unlikely scenario. While Miller’s right leg was rolled up on, the knee appeared to collapse before the contact was made. Non-contact ACL injuries are very common.

Expect an MRI on Friday to confirm the ACL tear and determine if there is any additional damage. The team likely already knows if that’s what he is dealing with as the manual test, called the Lachman test, is very accurate. Following surgery, nine months is a realistic target to return to the field. That means it is possible Miller would be ready to play by week 1 of the 2023 season, but that could be a fairly quick return. It will depend on when he actually has surgery and if there is additional damage.

Von Miller also suffered a torn ACL in 2013.


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