Travis Etienne’s foot “felt fine,” held out as a precaution

Jaguars’ second-year RB Travis Etienne’s foot injury is not believed to be serious and he is in line to start Week 13 against Detroit.

Etienne exited in the first quarter after carrying the ball twice. After a brief stop on the sidelines, he went to the locker room to undergo further testing. He returned to the sideline later in full pads and helmet. Head coach Doug Pederson said after the game that Etienne was “walking around the sideline, and he felt fine” before explaining “I just don’t want to risk it with [Etienne] right now.”

Pederson’s decision to keep Etienne out was likely impacted by Etienne’s injury history. Last season, in the final preseason game, he suffered a Lisfranc injury which shut him down for the regular season.


Lisfranc injuries occur when bones, or ligaments, in the middle part of the foot are damaged. This area is known as the Lisfranc joint complex. While injuries to the complex are uncommon, often they involve broken or dislocated bones, torn or strained ligaments, or a combination of the two. Further complicating the injury is the fact that the cartilage that covers the bones in your foot gets damaged as well.

When it comes to sports specifically, the Lisfranc joint complex is invaluable. It transfers the force created by your calf muscle to the front of your foot, which allows for explosiveness, speed, and agility. When injured, It is marked by pain or swelling in the top of your foot as well as bruising, and pain that gets worse when you stand, walk, or push off on the injured foot. It often isn’t unbearable, and can feel like a simple sprain, but due to the significance of the joint complex it is much more serious.

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Lisfranc injuries are notorious for being easily reaggravated, with persistent pain in the complex being a possibility even if the surgery is successful. This is due to the damage to the cartilage itself, which may require additional treatment in the future. This is why Pederson’s decision to keep Etienne out was the right one.

Considering how impactful he’s been for the Jaguars this season, Etienne’s health should take top priority. He’s added depth to the offense, with 725 yards and four touchdowns on the ground, along with 22 catches for 202 yards through 10 games.

Our algorithm predicts this is a Grade 1 foot sprain and we’re giving him an Optimal Recovery Time of 14 days. Until then, his Injury Risk is High (20%) and his Health Performance Factor is Below Average (51%).


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