Tee Higgins Clears Concussion Check But Shouldn’t be Allowed to Return

Tee Higgins left the Bengals week 1 game with a concussion. He was cleared in time to play in week 2, but now he’s already taken another shot to the head.

Higgins made a great catch down the sideline in the first half but was then on the receiving end of a helmet-to-helmet hit. That’s concerning enough, but then he slammed the back of his head to the ground as he fell. That’s two quick blows to the head. Higgins just recovered from his first concussion and now could be looking at a second.

The Bengals medical staff did check Higgins for a concussion in the medical tent but he was quickly seen back on the sideline with his helmet. That means he was cleared to return. Even if Higgins seemed to pass the check it isn’t smart to let him return to this one. Not only to we often see players get cleared when they actually do have a concussion (and they lie about if they are experiencing symptoms all the time), but concussion symptoms are often delayed.

If Higgins didn’t have that concussion just two weeks ago I could understand letting him return. But this isn’t smart as the closer together head injuries are, the more concerning it is. The Bengals need to protect Tee Higgins from himself. I know he wants to be out there, but this is bigger than football.


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