Seahawks Likely Lose Rashaad Penny For the Season with Tibia Fracture

The oft-injured Rashaad Penny is dealing with another serious problem. Penny suffered a tibia fracture in the Seahawks week 5 loss to the Saints. He was carted off with an ankle injury, and an x-ray at the stadium revealed the injury.

The tibia, or shinbone, is the larger and stronger of the two lower leg bones. It connects at the ankle, and based on how he was injured the fracture is likely close to the joint. When fractured the recovery time depends on the severity and if surgery is needed, and if there is any associated damage. Realistically it will take a minimum of 12 weeks for the bone to fully heal. The recovery time can approach six months of there is associated ligament damage that needs to be repaired during surgery.

Following the game Coach Pete Carroll said the injury was serious, but as he often does he underplayed just how concerning it really is. Now the Seahawks are unlikely to have him for the rest of the season. It’s another tough injury for Penny, who has a lengthy injury history that includes a torn ACL a few years ago.

Rookie Kenneth Walker III will see his usage increase without Penny. On Sunday he rushed for his first ever NFL touchdown, an impressive 69-yard run. DeeJay Dallas will also be more involved, especially in the passing game.


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