Ronnie Bell “ready to dominate;” Cleared to play Following torn ACL

Michigan’s senior wide receiver, Ronnie Bell, has been cleared for play after a season ending knee injury in the 2021 opening game against Western Michigan. After an explosive start for the WR, making a 76 yard catch resulting in a touchdown, Ronnie was tackled from behind during a punt return. Bell described the hit as “awkward” yet he didn’t realize the severity of his injury.

When he stood up to walk away, he was unable to put any weight on his right leg. Shortly after the hit, Ronnie Bell was told he tore his ACL and underwent surgery to repair his knee in October. 

Bell tore his ACL in the second quarter of Michigan’s season opener, after a 31-yard punt return (Bleacher Report)

While many players go behind the scenes after a serious injury, that wasn’t an option for Bell. He made a point to show up to every practice, film session, and game to show he was still an active member of the team. When asked about this decision, #8 explained that he wished to stay visible during the 2021 season so that when he returned the team was accustomed to seeing his face

Not only did he act as a support for the team, but he also acted as a mentor for many of the younger players. Coach Harbaugh described the WR’s  involvement as functioning alongside the coaching staff.

Bell had to be helped off the field by teammates and medical staff (ESPN)

After nine months of hard work and rehab, Bell has been fully cleared to play for Michigan this upcoming season. Bell expressed a detail oriented mindset in his eagerness to continuously improve himself and his teammates going into the new year explaining that, “you can’t take those little things for granted like where your foot is placed in the cut when you’re making a move or running a route, just the slightest things that can elevate your game.”

After his season off, Wolverine fans can expect Bell to be one of their most reliable offensive players. This wide receiver is returning for his 5th year of eligibility ready to “dominate,” stating all he wants to do is play. 


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