Blake Corum suffered a scary-looking knee injury in Michigan’s victory over Illinois. Late in the first half Corum ran towards the sideline. As he was tackled his knee was hit from the front as his leg was planted, causing it to hyperextend. This wasn’t a severe hyperextension, but it was enough that I’m concerned about a possible bone bruise and/or MCL sprain.

A severe hyperextension can cause significant ligament damage such as a torn ACL. I don’t believe Corum is dealing with something so serious. He was able to return in the second half, although he didn’t look quite like himself. Even though he returned there is still possible damage to the knee. Corum should undergo an MRI to see what’s really going on. A mild MCL sprain will take 2-3 weeks to heal. The recovery from a bone bruise all depends on the severity. If mild it’s possible to play through – it’s all about pain tolerance – but can take 2-4 weeks to heal. A more significant bone bruise can take 4-8 weeks. The good news is surgery isn’t usually needed for either of these injuries.

Michigan has their biggest test of the season next weekend as they face off against Ohio State. Unfortunately Corum is unlikely to be 100%, even if he is cleared to play.