Miami’s Depth Tested with Injuries to Xavier Restrepo and Others

University of Miami is in trouble due to their lack of offensive depth, specifically in receivers. Soon after star wide receiver Xavier Restrepo was injured, Jacolby George (WR) broke his hand in the loss against Texas A&M. With both receivers out the coaching staff is looking at the roster to determine who will rise to the occasion. “The challenge for us is that we have six guys playing (receiver), that’s all we have. A very thin scholarship situation. I don’t know another school in the country with this limited amount of wide receivers available to them. We’re looking for someone to step up.”  States Hurricane offensive coordinator Josh Gattis.

There are very few details surrounding Xavier Restrepo’s foot injury. However, in a recent press conference, Coach Cristobal announced that he will be out for at least six weeks. It is likely the injury took place at practice, but exact facets of the incident have not been released. When asked about Xavier’s role on the team, Coach Mario Cristobal explains that, “Xavier’s obviously an excellent football player, and on top of that, he’s an alpha, he’s a leader. He’s the guy that we count on in a lot of different ways, from a culture standpoint and from a performance standpoint.” 

Third year sophomore Xavier still leads his team this season with 172 receiving yards. Also, he is ranked  as the No. 4 receiver in the ACC averaging 86 yards per game. With both Restrepo and George out, Miami’s top receivers are Michael Redding III and Breshard Smith. Smith will take the place of Restrepo as the slot receiver. 

Quarterback Tyler Van Dyke, roommate and friend of Xavier,  is looking to be a leader and has encouraged his teammates to work hard. “I know guys will step up. They’re out here working and I just have to give them a little more confidence. Tell them I trust them and they’ll be able to do the job.” proclaimed Van Dyke.  

The No. 25 Hurricanes will take the field again this Saturday in their last non-conference matchup of the season against Middle Tennessee State. 


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