Kevin Love’s return could be sooner than you think

It’s been nearly two weeks since Kevin Love suffered a hairline fracture in his right thumb, and while he seems to be trending in the right direction, he’s far from being fully healed. The Cavs did not provide a timeline for Love’s return when he first suffered the injury, but just indicated that he would miss multiple games. He has missed 5 straight games not including tonight’s matchup in which he has been labeled “doubtful.” 

Love’s fractured thumb is in his shooting hand, so the injury will take approximately 4-6 weeks to fully heal. When he is ready to start handling the ball again, pain management will be the main concern. If his thumb is hit, it would be very difficult to play through. But if he comes back too early, the functionality of his thumb could also affect him for a few weeks. The thumb is a major player when handling the ball, shooting and passing. All of these movements could be affected if Love comes back before he’s fully healed. 

The Cavaliers are also missing Jarrett Allen, so they are missing Love a little extra right now. Mamadi Diakte and Evan Mobley are both getting the start in Love and Allen’s absence, so they might be an option for fantasy managers.


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