Kayvon Thibodeaux Avoids Disaster on Dirty Block

The Giants Received relatively good news on their first round pick. Thibodeaux was on the receiving end of a legal but dirty chop block during their third preseason game. While some initially feared the worst, a torn ACL, his mechanism of injury led to optimism that this wasn’t going to be a season-ender. The MRI confirmed our suspicion based on video.

Thibodeaux has been diagnosed with a sprained MCL (medial collateral ligament). This is the ligament that runs along the inside of the knee. It is typically injured when the leg is planted and hit from the outside, forcing the knee inward. The MCL heals well on its own unless there is a significant tear. In Thibodeaux’s case, this appears to be a moderate sprain. That means there is some tearing, but it isn’t serious enough to require surgery.

There is a strong possibility Thibodeaux isn’t ready when the season kicks off as he has been given a 3-4 week recovery time. Our algorithm assigned Thibodeaux a five week Optimal Recovery Time, meaning he won’t be 100% if he returns in 3-4 weeks. By October I’m expecting Thibodeaux to return to form.

The Giants will be anxiously awaiting the debut of their rookie pass-rusher, but patience is key here. Thibodeaux should be able to make a full recovery and contribute for most of the season as long as he waits until that ligament is fully healed to return. The MCL is crucial for stability during all lateral movements, so he won’t be very effective if he tries to come back early.

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