Kawhi Leonard’s Injury Woes Continue

It was just two weeks ago that we were wondering when Kawhi Leonard’s right knee was going to be healed enough for him to return to the lineup. Luckily, Leonard was able to play for three games before he was back on the sidelines, but this time he’s out with an ankle sprain.

We are currently calculating a grade 1 ankle sprain for Leonard, but we haven’t heard much information from the Clippers about when Leonard sustained the injury or how he is progressing. He’s already missed the past three games and whether he will travel with the Clippers on their two game road trip is currently up in the air. A grade 1 ankle sprain generally comes with a 2-4 week recovery time. 

In the three games Leonard played this season, he didn’t quite look like himself, although we can hardly expect that he would have been playing at 100% after being out for over a year. Leonard’s right knee woes could still be a lingering issue so it’s no surprise the Clippers are being cautious with him. It is likely that Leonard will miss a few more games before he is back in the lineup, but until we get more details, we don’t expect Leonard’s ankle to keep him out for too much longer.


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