Karl-Anthony Towns to miss a month with calf injury

Karl-Anthony Towns scared the Timberwolves and Fantasy players on Monday when he fell to the floor grabbing his lower calf after turning to run down the court. It was a non-contact injury but Towns needed assistance getting off the court and back to the locker room.

We said it immediately: worst case scenario is a torn Achilles, best case scenario is a calf strain. After undergoing an MRI on Tuesday, Towns’ best case scenario was realized – it was only a calf strain. Now we should mention that while Towns only suffered a calf strain and not an Achilles tear, his strain is still a grade 2 injury. That means his optimal recovery time is in the 4-6 week range as opposed to the 2-3 week range if it was only a grade 1 strain. 

Reports are indicating that the Timberwolves expect to re-examine Towns in about a month, and don’t expect him to return until sometime in January. As long as Towns doesn’t aggravate the injury, that timeline should hold. Towns’ injury history isn’t concerning and he hasn’t had any problems with his right calf before, so we don’t expect this to turn into a lingering problem, although any muscle strain can turn into a nagging injury. 

Fantasy managers may want to look at Kyle Anderson as his role should see an increase while Towns is out.


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