Jordan Poyer considered week-to-week with elbow injury; “felt a pop”

Bills’ S Jordan Poyer will be considered “week-to-week” due to the elbow injury he suffered in Week 8.

Poyer was forced to exit in the fourth quarter on Sunday, with the Bills leading the Green Bay Packers by 17. After the game, he said the injury “felt like a pop” in his elbow, which is made even more concerning by the hyper-extended elbow injury he suffered in training camp that required him to miss the entire preseason.

A popping sensation is often a major red flag when diagnosing an injury. Causes of these “pops” can range from muscle ruptures to torn ligaments. In either case, the “popping” sensation is a strong, forceful contraction against a heavy force.

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Given his week-to-week status, it’s likely there is damage present in his elbow. If the damage is a ligament rupture and he doesn’t undergo surgery, he could return in as little as one week, though the average time missed in the NFL is around four weeks.

Our algorithm suggests he is 11 days away from Optimal Recovery, meaning he should sit out Week 9 and potentially return in Week 10. Until then, his Injury Risk is High (28%) and his Health Performance Factor is Below Average (45%).


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