The Sixers are already missing Tyrese Maxey and James Hardin, with Tobias Harris questionable, and now they will have to face Brooklyn and Charlotte without Joel Embiid. The star center suffered a mid-foot sprain in his left foot and has been ruled out for the next two games.

It isn’t clear when he sustained the injury, but Embiid’s load has been heavy of late. He’s played in 12 games so far this season, averaging 32 points, 10 rebounds, and almost 5 assists per game. When he’s on the court, he’s nearly unstoppable, but keeping him in the lineup has been a problem. He’s dealt with an illness, a tendon sprain in his right foot, and right knee soreness so far this season. 

Lower extremity injuries can be tricky, especially for big guys like Embiid. Blood flow to the area is limited so recoveries are generally slow. It’s good news to hear the Sixers only expect Embiid to be out for 1-2 games, suggesting the sprain is probably a grade 1. But a grade 1 foot sprain still generally comes with a 2 week recovery time, so Embiid won’t be 100% if he’s back in the lineup on Friday against the Magic.