Fulham’s Manor Solomon Set for Lengthy Absence Following Meniscus Surgery

Manor Solomon is expected to be sidelined through the World Cup after undergoing surgery on his knee. The Israel winger suffered a torn meniscus in a behind-closed-doors match last week and is now expected to be sidelined for “a few months.”

The meniscus is made up of two c-shaped pieces of cartilage (medial and lateral) that sit in the knee joint. It acts as a stabilizer and shock absorber between the shinbone and femur (thighbone), protecting it from wear-and-tear.

When the meniscus is torn, surgery is often needed. There are two types of procedures – a removal or a repair. The decision on what surgery to perform depends on the location, severity and type of tear. There are parts of the meniscus that receive poor blood supply, so a repair isn’t always an option.

When the torn piece is removed it is called a meniscectomy. This comes with a quicker recovery time, and the athlete can immediately bear weight on the leg following surgery. A standard recovery is 4-6 weeks. It does come with long-term complications, though. Arthritis is common as the knee joint is left with less cushion with that little piece removed.

The other option is a repair. The piece of the meniscus that is torn is sewn back together. It comes with a much longer recovery (3-6 months), but the knee keeps the same amount of cartilage, so long-term it can be a better option.

Based on the lengthy recovery time expected for Solomon, he likely underwent a meniscus repair. That could sideline him into the new year.


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