FF Draft Guide 2022: Keenan Allen, WR

Chargers WR Keenan Allen has steadily produced impressive numbers throughout his nine year career, with his most recent five earning him Pro Bowl selections. Across those five seasons, Allen averaged 102 receptions, 1,184 yards, and six touchdowns.

His consistency places him among the elite receivers in the league. What he lacks in explosive speed and deep routes, he makes up for with strong hands and exceptional footwork. For four consecutive seasons, Allen has averaged a catch rate of 67.5% or higher, placing him near the top of the league in that span. Since the arrival of Justin Herbert, Allen has embraced a role in the short and intermediate game, averaging 7.2 yards per target. That’s the type of number that pairs well with his 106 receptions – which ranked #6 in the NFL last season – and his 270 total route wins – which ranked #1 in the NFL.

The picture those numbers paint is one of a receiver that is a nightmare within 20 yards of the line of scrimmage. His 152 fantasy points last year ranked #66 in the NFL and #15 among all wide receivers (six spots behind teammate Mike Williams). He snagged 106 receptions (#7 in the NFL) 1,138 yards (#13), and averaged 71.1 yards per game (#14) last season.

Health & Draft Analysis – Allen is at Top 15 receiver, and will produce consistently, but he shouldn’t be your #1 receiver. His health struggles seem to be an issue of the past, as he’s played in at least 13 games every season since 2017. I would take him in the third round and only if you have a deep threat/speed receiver to pair him with.

Keenan Allen 2021 Stats


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