FF Draft Guide 2022: Jonathan Taylor, RB

Colts running back Jonathan Taylor had an MVP-caliber season in 2021. In his sophomore year he tallied 332 carries (1st in the NFL), 1811 yards (1st),  and 18 TDs (1st) on the ground. He was also serviceable as a receiving target, bringing in 36 catches, 299 yards, and one touchdown. His 333 fantasy points ranked fifth in the league, while his VBD (187) was first, as was his overall year-end ranking.

Heading into this season, Taylor presents a convincing case to be the 1.01 pick. He brings everything to the table that you need out of a running back. He’s fast, strong, agile, and smart. Taylor has the ability to slow down and analyze what the defense is giving him before bursting through a hole, or he can simply bulldoze his way through the defensive line. His supporting cast on the offensive line makes his life a little easier, with Quenton Nelson, Ryan Kelly, and Braden Smith paving the way.

The addition of Matt Ryan is also going to be huge for Taylor. With Wentz under center the Colts had a tendency to appear one-dimensional, as Taylor was the only option at times (especially in the red-zone, where he received 89 carries). Ryan will prove to be a more reliable quarterback for Indy, which may impact Taylor’s total carries. However, the more balanced the Colts become, the better Taylor will play.

Health Analysis

Taylor dealt with fluid build up in his knee last season, starting in October. The build-up was said to be related to an old meniscus injury, however surgery wasn’t required. It shouldn’t be a concern this year, and we expect him to be the most durable and reliable of the top running backs this season.

Jonathan Taylor Stats (2021) – 332 ATT / 1811 YDS / 18 TD / 107 1D / 5.5 Y/A / 106.5 Y/G


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