The Padres were hoping that the latest CT scan on Tatis’ left wrist would show enough healing to get him cleared to swing the bat. That didn’t happen.

Tatis initially injured his left wrist back in December on a motorcycle accident. Because of the lockout, Tatis didn’t receive proper treatment and wasn’t in communication with the Padres until March. As he started to swing the bat again that wrist acted up, and he was sent for further evaluation. Scans showed a scaphoid fracture. This is the bone at the base of the wrist. It is the most common bone to be fractured in the wrist, and it is also the most difficult to heal.

So Tatis underwent surgery more than three months after the initial injury. Because the bone didn’t heal properly, the procedure became more complicated. During this surgery there is typically a screw inserted to stabilize the bone as well as a bone graft. Tatis was initially given a three month recovery time, but this was very optimistic. Possible, but not likely. 4-6 months is a much more realistic timeline for this type of injury.

This week Tatis received another CT scan to track his progress. The Padres were hoping he would be cleared to pick up a bat, but they didn’t receive the news they were hoping for. While his wrist is improving, it isn’t enough to start swinging. Tatis is week-to-week. At this point he is unlikely to return before the All Star break. Even then I don’t see him being 100% recovered until late in the season.