Diogo Jota has been out of the World Cup in Qatar after being stretchered off the pitch during Liverpool’s 1-0 win over Manchester City.

He sustained a grade two calf injury during their Premier League game at Anfield on Sunday.

Jota had hoped to be fit for the World Cup but Klopp has confirmed the serious nature of his injury. In a press conference on Tuesday, Klopp mentioned:

‘Jota will be out for a long time, we talk about months.’

‘We will see – I don’t want to put a number on it because I hope there is a positive moment in rehab, but it will be long.’

‘He knew when we carried him off the pitch when we came out on the pitch. He explained what happened and he knew it was a serious one and impactful for his World Cup dreams.’

He said: ‘Jota will miss the World Cup, really serious injury in the calf and we have to recover him. The process starts and that’s it. Very sad news for the boy, for us and Portugal.’

The 25-year-old quickly received medical attention on his left leg on the pitch and stretchers carried him off.

Our algorithm is predicting Jota’s optimal recovery time is twenty-eight days before he reaches full fitness and with a current health score of three, it’s not looking good with the World Cup a month away.

With this grade two injury as expected his IRC is very high 44.9, so he will need to work to bring this down during his rehabilitation from injury. His HPF is also very poor at 24.26 which syncs with the extent of the injury.

We’ll keep a close eye on his recovery in the coming weeks and track his progress as the World Cup approaches.