Despite Negative X-Rays, Julio Rodriguez’s Wrist Injury Could be More Serious

Julio Rodriguez was forced to leave Saturday’s game early when he was hit on the wrist by a 97-mph pitch. X-rays were negative, but Rodriguez was sent for additional scans. While an x-ray is good at picking up most fractures, an MRI or CT scan can be needed to look for a hairline fracture or other injuries such as a bone bruise.

The Mariners haven’t released the results of all scans yet, but they did already place Rodriguez on the IL. He didn’t feel comfortable gripping the bat and will now be shut down from all baseball activities for at least a few days. His recovery time will depend on what the scans show.

If it’s just a contusion I expect Rodriguez to be back within the next two weeks.

If it’s a bone bruise, he could be out for 2-4 weeks. This is basically a bruise to the bone (not a surface bruise), but it hasn’t damaged the bone enough to cause a fracture. It can be very painful but should heal well on its own. Once healed a bone bruise should not cause any lingering problems.

If there is a fracture, Rodriguez could be looking at a season-ending injury. He would likely be sidelined at least 6 weeks, and that’s the best case scenario.


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