Deebo Samuel is Carted Off with Left Leg Injury

Late in the first half Deebo Samuel had his legs tangled up as he was tackled to the ground. He remained down in pain grabbing his left knee.

Samuel tried to walk off on his own but quickly went back to the ground. He then had to be carted off.

By video I’m concerned about two main injuries – the primary concern is to his knee. The mechanism of injury puts added stress on the MCL. This ligament runs along the inside of the knee and is typically injured when force comes from the outside of the leg. Additional ligament or cartilage damage such as a torn ACL/meniscus is also possible here. The secondary concern is to his ankle. It rolled inward, which can damage the syndesmodic ligaments in the high ankle. This is not the same as your standard low ankle sprain. These ligaments keep the two lower leg bones connected. It’s a tricky injury that is slow to heal due to poor blood supply, and this is especially troublesome for wide receivers.

Deebo Samuel’s day is certainly over, and his season could be too. The best case scenario here is a mild to moderate MCL sprain, which typically leads to a 2-4 week absence. A high ankle sprain is usually 3-6 weeks. If Samuel damaged the ACL or multiple knee ligaments his season would be over and he would need surgery. I’m cautiously optimistic that he avoided a torn ACL, which means he could return within the next month or so.

Samuel has battled quite a few other injuries in recent years, including an ongoing hamstring strain this season. It’s one of many injuries the 49ers have had to overcome this year, including QBs Trey Lance (leg) and Jimmy Garoppolo (foot). Brock Purdy has stepped up in his first half as a starting QB, leading the 49ers to a 28-0 lead over the Bucs at the half.


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