David Montgomery Likely Looking at Multi-Week Absence with MCL and High Ankle Sprains

David Montgomery is the latest running back to suffer the double injury of an MCL and high ankle sprain. This combo typically happens when the leg is planted and hit from the outside, forcing the knee inward and the ankle to an inversion roll. Montgomery’s right leg was rolled up on in the first quarter and he went straight to the medical tent.

While Montgomery is officially doubtful to return, it isn’t going to happen.

The MCL (medial collateral ligament) is one of four knee ligaments, and it is especially important for lateral movements. It’s a common injury across the NFL. Recovery time depends on the severity. If it’s a grade 1 sprain most players miss 1-2 games. A grade 2 sprain can lead to a 3-6 week absence.

Last season Montgomery suffered an MCL sprain but it was to his left knee. He was out for a month.

Even more concerning than Montgomery’s knee injury is the high ankle sprain. This means the sesamoid ligaments that connect the tibia and fibula (two lower leg bones) are damaged. It’s more serious and slower to heal than a standard low ankle sprain. This typically leads to a multi-week absence, and for running backs it significantly hurts their performance when they return. That’s true even a month later.

The Bears will send Montgomery for an MRI on both his knee and ankle on Monday. Once they determine how severe the knee and ankle sprains are they will have a better idea of his timeline. Be prepared for a multi-week absence, and one that could potentially cause him to land on IR. Khalil Herbert needs to be picked up in all leagues, and he’s startable while Montgomery is sidelined.


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