Cowboys TE Dalton Schultz dodges lengthy absence with PCL injury

Cowboys TE Dalton Schultz has avoided a major knee injury, however his status for Week 3 is still questionable.

Shultz got off to a solid start this season, catching seven passes for 62 yards in Week 1 against the Buccaneers. Things slowed down for him in Week 2, as he saw just four targets and picked up only 12 yards in what was a lackluster performance by the entire offensive effort. Luckily, the defense held their own against the Begals and Dallas got their first win of the season. But the bad news came when Dalton Shultz went down awkwardly and grabbed for his knee.

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The injury occurred in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game when Schultz was knocked to the ground from behind while trying to catch a screen pass. He immediately grabbed for his knee and rolled around on the ground before medical staff came out and attended to him.

It looked bad in the moment, but reports came out earlier today that indicate his MRI showed no serious damage. Schultz was diagnosed with a Grade 1 PCL injury, which gives him an Optimal Recovery Time of 14 days. Our algorithm also predicts an Elevated (14%) Injury Risk, and an Above Average (67%) Health Performance Factor.

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The PCL – short for posterior cruciate ligament – runs along the back of the knee, connecting the femur to the tibia. It holds the bones together and allows for the knee to bend smoothly. When injured, the knee often becomes stiff and unstable, putting the other ligaments of the knee (ACL, LCL, MCL) under additional stress.

Generally, these kinds of injuries heal in 10 to 14 days, which is much better than the six to nine months Schultz would have missed if the PCL were torn.


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