Coming off shoulder injury, Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy Battles for Starter Role

As the 2022 college football season approaches, the Wolverines fan base is still unsure of which QB will take the starting spot this year. J.J McCarthy, a 5-star recruit of high school, is arguably one of the best college quarterbacks in the nation. Coming off of a shoulder injury described as “lingering arm soreness” from last season, he is working hard to prove he is valuable.

However, McCarthy has been described as risky on numerous occasions. This categorization comes from McCarthy’s tendency to throw into double coverage and late across the middle. However, he has shown that he is an asset to the team when given the chance to perform. 

During his freshman season with Michigan, McCarthy spent his time as the reserve QB making appearances in 11 games. One of which was in the second half of the Orange Bowl against UGA.  Unlike Michigan’s starting QB, Cade McNamara, J.J McCarthy was able to throw a scoring touchdown pass and better escape UGA’s defense due to his quickness.

McCarthy went 7/17 with 131 yards and a touchdown in the 2021 Orange Bowl loss to UGA

Fans have stated their desire to see him on the field more, as he is able to make big plays for the Wolverines. While he does make mistakes, so does every other quarterback in college football. In order to improve, he must be given the opportunity to play so that he can learn in a game setting.

After a loss against Georgia in the playoffs, #9 has been working hard during this off season to improve his game and become a better player each day. In a recent interview JJ explained, “I’m just falling in love with the process and falling in love with getting better every single day and realizing that at the end of the day it’s up to me. If I want to start, I have to prove that I’m able to start and for them to have comfortability and just trust in me being that guy.” 

J.J McCarthy is willing to work hard and improve in order to show the coaching staff that he is the right choice to start this season. During the past few months, McCarthy spent time rehabbing his arm and taking care of himself so that he is back to 100% when the season starts this year. JJ expressed that his shoulder is feeling much better after limiting his throwing this past spring and off season.

While Coach Harbaugh says he will not publicly announce his decision, fans will see their starting QB on September 3rd in Michigan’s season opener against Colorado State.


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