Chargers J.C. Jackson to miss Week 1 following ankle surgery

Chargers offseason addition and new cornerback J.C. Jackson will miss the team’s season opener against the Raiders on Sunday as he recovers from ankle surgery.

Jackson underwent the procedure in mid-August and was expected to miss 2-4 weeks, with the team keeping the door open for a Week 1 return. Head coach Brandon Staley told reporters last week: “J.C. is working out. He’s trending positive. He’s working out hard. He’s in good spirits. I think, over this weekend, we’ll be able to tell you a lot more about his practice prospects for next week. He’s making good progress.”

Unfortunately, his recovery is trending closer towards four weeks, which means he is likely to miss Week 2 as well considering the Chargers play on Thursday and have a short turnaround.

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The ankle issue surfaced sometime in the offseason, after which the Chargers medical staff and Jackson opted to try rehabilitation and local injections. Neither approach provided enough relief, and preseason surgery became the next option as Jackson did not want the issue to grow worse as the year went on.

Jackson’s surgery has been described by medical staff as a simple scope, and Staley has said that his ankle is “structurally sound” and there was “no injury, so to speak.” Scope surgery is minimally invasive, and is used to “clean” a joint by removing damaged tissue. The surgeon will also repair any visible tears in muscles, tendons, or cartilage.

Our algorithm still predicts he is 21 days away from Optimal Recovery, and as a result his metrics aren’t great. His Injury Risk is High (30%) and his Health Performance Factor is Below Average (45%). Staley has a history of being cautious when his star players are injured, so there is a chance we don’t see Jackson until Week 4, which is the best route to take in terms of his health.

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