Broncos’ Jerry Jeudy has High Injury Risk heading into Week 11, not ruled out

Broncos’ WR Jerry Jeudy could be looking at a multi-week absence due to the ankle injury he suffered in Week 10 against the Titans.

The injury occurred in the first quarter as he was targeted on a deep pass from quarterback Russell Wilson. Jeudy grabbed at his left ankle and foot on the field after falling down. Shortly afterward, he was able to limp off the field and into the blue medical tent where he was evaluated by the team’s medical staff. At that point the decision was made to get the medical cart out and Jeudy was taken to the locker room where he was ruled out for the rest of the game.

Jeudy left the stadium in a walking boot, and was scheduled for an MRI on Monday. Testing revealed no major injury, but the team is still taking a cautious approach to his recovery because they still consider the injury “mild.” He was held out of practice on both Wednesday and Thursday.

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The specifics of the injury are unknown at this time, however it is likely either a muscle strain or an ankle sprain. Since the injury was noncontact, the initial fear was a rupture of some sort, but the MRI showed no such damage.

There are many different muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the ankle, which gives the ankle its strength, flexibility, and range of motion. When the ligaments are damaged, it’s called a sprain. When the muscles or tendons are overstretched. It’s called a strain.

Whether the injury is a strain or sprain, Jeudy’s ankle mobility will be limited for the next few days to weeks. Currently, our algorithm predicts he is dealing with a Grade 2 injury and gives him an Optimal Recovery Time of 25 days.

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His Injury Risk is High (47%), meaning if he were to play in Week 11 he would be at risk of injury on almost 50% of the offensive snaps he plays in. His Health Performance Factor isn’t much better at 30%, which is considered Poor.

The Broncos haven’t ruled Jeudy out of this week’s matchup against the Raiders, but we don’t anticipate he suits up. If he does, expect a limited performance.


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