Kenley Jansen landed on the IL this week due to an irregular heartbeat, something that has been a problem on and off over the last decade.

The first time Jansen described his heart as going “out of whack.” He was later diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, or AFib, aka an irregular heartbeat. He knew he was at risk of heart problems due to his family history. In 2012 he underwent a catheter ablation in the left atrium of his heart. This would cauterize the damaged area and prevent it from generating abnormal electrical signals. Another similar surgery was needed in 2018.

Now Jansen is once again experiencing an irregular heartbeat. According to Braves beat reporter David O’Brien, “Braves expect him to be back immediately after the 15 days, as he was the last time he went on the IL for heart issue. He’ll be able to continue working out and throwing bullpen sessions while on the IL.” This is a great update as they don’t expect him to need surgery, just time, for his heart to get back to normal.