Aymeric Laporte Will Miss Start of the Season Recovering From Knee Surgery

Pep Guardiola expects Aymeric Laporte to be out until at least September after he underwent surgery during the summer. Laporte battled through a right knee injury late in the 2021/22 season but made it to the end of the season. Now he is still recovering and was unable to go on the pre-season tour with the Blues as he works his way back to fitness.

The exact details of Laporte’s injury have not been revealed, but two likely possibilities include a meniscus tear or MCL sprain/tear. If there was damage to the meniscus, the torn piece would be trimmed (aka removed). This comes with a quicker recovery time than if the meniscus was repaired, but it can lead to long-term complications like arthritis as there is less cushion remaining in the joint. Also of concern is the fact that Laporte previously tore the meniscus in the same knee. A repair often isn’t an option as parts of the meniscus don’t receive good blood supply, so it doesn’t heal well. Repairing the meniscus also comes with a much longer recovery time (4+ months), so it doesn’t seem to be the procedure Laporte is recovering from. Multiple meniscectomy procedures (this is when the torn piece is cut out) is very concerning for his long-term health.

If Laporte’s injury was damage to the MCL, it was likely a tear that was repaired. The MCL is one of four knee ligaments that runs along the inside of the knee. Most MCL sprains/tears heal well on their own, but if it is significant enough it can require surgery. Laporte was injured when he was hit on the outside of the knee, pushing it forcibly inward. This is the classic mechanism for MCL damage as it get overstretched.

I’m expecting Laporte to return sometime in September as an August return would be very quick based on when he had surgery. Pep confirmed this week that he is working his way back but would likely be out another month.


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