Ankle Injury Could Send Jimmy G to IR

Jimmy Garoppolo had to be carted to the locker room after injuring his left ankle/foot. Garoppolo’s leg was hit from the outside, forcing the ankle to roll inward. This mechanism of injury typically leads to a high ankle sprain as it stresses the ligaments that connect the tibia and fibula. Because of the amount of force that was placed on the leg as it was planted there is also the possibility of a fracture.

In 2020 Jimmy Garoppolo suffered multiple high ankle sprains to his right side, so this is the opposite leg. He was initially hurt in week 2 and missed a few games. Then in week 8 he re-injured it, ending his season. 

By video Jimmy G’s latest ankle injury could be severe. An x-ray at the stadium can rule out a fracture, but an MRI is more valuable and will determine if there is any ligament damage. 

A mild high ankle sprain takes 3-4 weeks to fully heal (although it’s possible to play sooner). A grade 2-3 high ankle sprain can take 6+ weeks to fully heal. That means Garoppolo’s season could be over. Surgery is also possible if there is a significant ligament tear.

A fracture typically takes around 8 weeks to heal, so if scans show damage to the bone his season is most likely over.


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