Allen Robinson to undergo foot surgery, miss remainder of 2022 season

Rams’ WR Allen Robinson will miss the remainder of the 2022 season due to a foot injury that requires surgery, per head coach Sean McVay.

Specifically, the injury is a stress fracture to his navicular – one of the seven, small bones that make up the tarsus of the ankle and foot. It’s unclear when the fracture occurred, exactly, however McVay said Robinson had “some soreness in his foot” early last week. He underwent an injection later in the week to see “if he could push through,” however the injection wasn’t enough and the team ordered a CT scan which showed the damage.

The team initially told the media that Robinson was dealing with an ankle issue, so the news that it was a foot injury took most of the league by surprise. About this, McVay said “It’s unfortunate, but we didn’t find that out until Friday after practice when he ended up getting that CT scan.” Likely the team didn’t see the fracture on x-rays (if any were taken) because stress fractures are so small they don’t show up on regular x-rays.

Robinson had 33 receptions for 339 yards and three touchdowns in his first season with the Rams. (ESPN)

Stress fractures are small fractures (cracks) in bones that rise from overuse, and they are common amongst athletes across all professional sports. Often they are misdiagnosed and undertreated because of how hard they are to detect.

Surgery isn’t always required given most stress fractures can heal with a cast or walking boot, and rest, but athletes tend to opt for it to prevent another injury in the future. Surgery involves the insertion of at the fracture site and often requires 6-8 weeks to heal.

Fellow WR Cooper Kupp was placed on the IR after suffering an ankle sprain in Week 10 against Arizona (NBC Sports)

The Rams have dealt with a myriad of injuries to some of their best players, and adding Robinson to that list likely cements their season is over. Even if he wasn’t used in the offense as frequently as most analysts expected, Robinson was set to take over the WR1 role after Cooper Kupp was placed on the IR.

They currently are 3-8 on the year and have a 2% chance of making the playoffs. With Stafford, Kupp, and Robinson all missing – or being expected to miss – time, Los Angeles’ hopes of repeating as Super Bowl champions is over.


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